After working on my illustrated children's book, "Head in the Clouds" for over two years, I've finally finished it and have sent out my submissions to a few publishers I think will be a good fit.  Now it's the 4 to 6 month waiting game!

In the meantime, I made the book as a Christmas present to my granddaughter.  Can't wait to read it to her!



It is great to hear people pursuing their dream and becoming successful.

08/12/2016 12:35am

Can you share with us your book as a Christmas present to your granddaughter? It's very interesing to look at!


Clouds are going to the happy weather. Most of the people would like to enjoy the weather forms. They would like to pass this environment through the different stages.

11/15/2016 4:07am

This is a great present! DIY presents always were the best, no matter who you want to present that!

12/16/2016 2:20am

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04/17/2017 8:54am

That's very nice that you did this present by yourself! Such presents are the best!


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