Bruder was finished in time for my client's Christmas present to her husband.  They loved it.



09/23/2016 10:07am

Bruder looks so cute and you did a good decision with this cute dog as a Christmas day gift.Would you please let us know where we can get some beautiful pets for us?I will like the way you suggesting me to get such type of Christmas gift.

03/22/2017 10:24pm

I feel loved if I was the one who received this special gift. Bruder looks cute and healthy as well. Take care of him and give him the love that he needed and he will surely return it to you. Also, I wished that you'll have him the same way that you'll him since the first time you've seen him until the last. I wish you guys the best in life. Merry Christmas to y'all!


It's your dog? This painting is absolutely amazing! Good job.

01/03/2017 4:39am

What a nice dog! Good painting of a good friend! Good job!

02/10/2017 1:51am

What a lovely painting! It's simple but I love the color blending because obviously, it went well. You were able to give a good image of Bruder. I'm sure, your client is satisfied with your artwork. I'm also planning to have my family photo painted and have it designed on my wall. By the way, thank you for posting this artwork!


By the looks of this artwork, I feel that you really love your dog. Bruder's eyes are shining and he is really happy in the painting. I hope to see more of Bruder's painting in the future. This inspires me to make my own painting of my Dog, Max. He is also a lovely dog like Bruder.


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