Just finished "Golden Palm's Spicy Sister", a companion to "On Golden Palm Frond".  

Now my time will be spent on Christmas commissions.  After that, it's back to the palm frond series.



10/31/2016 10:41am

All of Roxanne’s art collection contains some very unique and creative ingredients in it. And in this work of Roxanne, not only the art was amazing but its name could also spice up that art’s value.


Nice article and I admire your work. Your blog was so informative and having good knowledge. Thanks for your post.

12/04/2016 1:18am

Wow, I’m impressed with your watercolor painting. It looks surreal. The vibrancy and depth of colors are so captivating. It looks like a photo of the real Golden Palm. I’d also like to see your Christmas commissions. Will you be posting them here?

12/04/2016 10:38am

Thank you for your comments on my palms paintings. Yes, I will be posting some of my Christmas commission paintings some time this week. Hope you enjoy them!

02/15/2017 5:38am

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This is really looks real! I love it. I also love to paint, my father is a painter and I think that I inherited that amazing trait of his. I am lucky that I have a talent that can inspire other people. I love this blog and the content is very amazing. This blog motivates me to discover more about my self, especially my passion in painting. Thank you very much for sharing this amazing blog with us.


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