This is a nice portrait. I have seen your other portraits and they are beautiful. I can say that you really have a talent on this. Gio dog portrait is one of the most beautiful portraits of yours for me. I hope that you can make more portraits and post it here. Thank you for sharing this. I am looking forward for your next post.

06/12/2017 5:59am

This is a good portrait you have. I am thinking of having my dogs to have like this also so that I can put something on my wall this month. I am not a painter, but as a viewer there certain points to improve regarding the details you put to emphasize the picture. I know you could do better and I believe in your capabilities as a painter. May you post more of your piece, I'll surely get back to your blog soon. I appreciate your blog as well as your talent in painting keep on practicing.

05/17/2017 3:59am

This is a skillful portrait of a dog. This schnauzer is very cool. You were able to consecrate all the details for this dog. I really love how you mix the colors including the shadowy effect on the background. I would love to see more of your paintings, keep on posting.


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