02/20/2017 10:00am

This is indeed a nice portrait. You are really talented. What's the dog's name? Is it yours? And what materials did you use for this? It looks like you used oil but I'm not quite sure. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. Keep blogging!

04/01/2017 3:23am

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05/12/2017 3:42am

The painting is very impressive and very good. It seems that you have a very good talent. I wish I got some talent like yours and show it to my friends. I wish someone would teach me to draw like this I am determined to learn. Thanks for sharing your work with us, I very surprise about the painting.

05/20/2017 2:10pm

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06/19/2017 12:56am

This is an amazing portrait. This makes me miss my dog. The colors were lively and inviting as if the dog were saying something to you. It seems that the dog in the painting wants to play some ball. If you don't mind asking, what kind of art materials do you use to paint Massimo? Thank your for your response, this will be a great help.


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